The Chain Gang of 1974

“My brothers and I were surrounded by music growing up. Not Beatles albums or anything like that; more like the Persian records our parents played all the time. And when we got older, it was up to us to discover everything,” says Kamtin Mohager — the genre-jumping singer/multi-instrumentalist behind The Chain Gang of 1974.

Born in San Jose, California and raised in Hawaii (before moving to Denver), Kamtin Mohager joined 3OH!3 as a touring bassist from 2008 through 2010. He self-released Fantastic Nostalgic: The Early Recordings in 2010. That year also saw the release of his full-length debut, White Guts. Mohager moved to Los Angeles shortly after to record the follow-up album, Wayward Fire, which was released on Modern Art Records in 2011.

In 2012, Mohager signed to Warner Music Group for the release of his third full-length album, Daydream Forever. The album is described as a continuation of the synth- heavy, reverb-laden dreams that made Mohager’s debut album, Wayward Fire, an immediate favorite of the retro set. Production is thicker here, with more elastic bounces. In summer 2014, Mohager teamed up with DJ/producer Dillon Francis, as well as Sultan & Ned Shepard for the release of "When We Were Young."

In early 2015, Mohager launched a collaborative side project with Marshall Gallagher (of Swing Hero) titled Teenage Wrist. The band's debut single "Afterglow" received praise from My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. Mohager is currently collaborating with producer Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous for LP3.